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01/What is Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

Anti-Glare Etched Glass is a unique glass technique meant to reduce the inconvenient and bothersome issue of glare on display panels. This revolutionary glass solution is designed to provide great visibility and functionality, making it an excellent alternative for anybody looking for a better digital experience.

Normal glass, sometimes known as "glare glass" that diffuses light, unlike Anti-Glare Etched Glass. Glare glass is prone to reflections from external light sources. Its reflecting nature can be an issue utilizing displays in brightly lit areas.

Normal Glass (Glare Glass) Anti-Glare Etched Glass
Pros ● High contrast and image clarity ● Less reflection leads to reduced eye fatigue
Cons ● Large light reflection ● Reduced image sharpness
● Reflected light becomes whitish and colors (especially black) become whitish
● Occurrence of sparkle*
* Approximately 30% improvement in AGC's Anti-Glare Glass for 4K LCD Display
(compared to AGC’s conventional products)

How does Anti-Glare Etched Glass work?

Normal Glass

Anti-Glare Etched Glass

Anti-Glare Etched Glass works by effectively manipulating its surface structure. This customized glass's surface is carefully engraved with minute patterns to disperse reflected light.

In contrast to normal glass surfaces, which enable light to bounce off at certain angles, the detailed pattern on the Anti-Glare Etched Glass surface disperses the reflected light in several directions. This scattering action considerably diminishes the intensity of typical reflected light reaching the viewer's eyes.

02/Product Lineup

AGC introduces the following two types of Anti-Glare Glass:

Anti-Glare Glass for 4K LCD Display

AGC introduces its latest product, Anti-Glare Glass for 4K LCD Display, which is meant to improve visual experiences by reducing glare and increasing clarity. This innovative glass solution has a microscopically etched surface dispersing reflected light, dramatically decreasing glare and undesired reflections.

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Writing Experience Improvement Anti-Glare Glass

Introducing AGC's Writing Experience Improvement Anti-Glare Glass, a game-changing solution for improving writing and touch interaction on various surfaces.

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Anti-Glare Glass for 4K LCD Display

AGC's New Anti-Glare Glass delivers a smoother, softer interface with screens, making it a great choice for various applications ranging from high-resolution displays to touchscreens. With AGC's cutting-edge Anti-Glare Glass technology, you'll experience new visual clarity and convenience.

This cutting-edge Anti-Glare glass represents a substantial display technology leap, addressing visual clarity and comfort difficulties. It aims to transform the experience of 4K LCD displays in laptop PCs and other devices.

3 Key Features

30% Sparkle Reduction

AGC's new Anti-Glare glass features
an 30% sparkle reduction,
substantially eliminating random
unevenness produced by optical causes.
This enhancement results in a
more excellent visual experience with
improved clarity.

Suppressed Light Reflection

By expertly managing light reflection,
this Anti-Glare glass keeps undesired
reflections at bay. It adds to a better
overall visual environment.

Eye Comfort

Anti-Glare glass is well-known for its
ability to reduce eye fatigue.
Regulated unevenness on the glass
surface reduces reflections and
sparkle, resulting in a more relaxed and
comfortable viewing experience.


Item Description
Glass Size Max. 730 mm x 920 mm
Usages PC(Laptop), Tablet, TV Monitor, Mobility Display
Other specifications Chemically tempered glass specifications are also available (offered in the Dragontrail® series)

Writing Experience Improvement Anti-Glare Glass

Durability (Impact resistance from falls)

AGC can suggest the Writing Experience Improvement Anti-Glare Glass, a ground-breaking technology that aims to change how people engage with touchscreens and writing surfaces. This unique glass is intended to provide a excellent writing experience by maximizing tactile feedback for increased comfort and precision.

Controlled Anti-Glare Surface Structure: AGC's expertise in managing the surface structure of the Anti-Glare Glass lies at the core of this innovation. AGC can aim significantly improved the sensation of stylus and touch interactions by fine-tuning the surface properties.

03/3 Key Evaluation Indicators of Anti-Glare

AGC has its own quantitative evaluation method for these three indicators. Using this technology, we can quantify our customers' requests and develop and propose more precise products.

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