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Anti-Reflection Dry Coating Film| Smoke-Anti-Reflection Film

  • Comparison of Clear AR Film (Clear OCA) and Smoke-AR Film
  • Comparison of Clear AR Film (Smoke OCA) and Smoke-AR Film
  • 1. High contrast ratio in bright place
  • 2. Uniform reflection
  • 3. Versatile Application
  • 4. Deeply black display & Reduced Glare
  • Automotive Display Cover Glass
  • Public Information Display
  • Medical Insruments Display
  • Other Professional Monitors

01/What is Anti-Reflection Dry Coating Film?

Anti-reflection films are an innovative solution that can significantly enhance the optical performance of various display devices, particularly in the automotive industry.
These films utilize precise thickness control and multi-layer structure technology to create low reflective optical surfaces that can provide superior display quality, even in bright sunlight. Anti-reflection films are designed to reduce glare and enhance your display’s clarity.

02/About AGC's Smoke-AR Film

AGC's Smoke-Anti-Reflection(Smoke-AR) Film is an innovative film that enhances display performance. Perfectly suited for Micro LED, in-vehicle, and medical displays, this film significantly lowers reflectance, thereby boosting contrast in bright environments. Developed through a superior dry coating process, Smoke-AR Film ensures minimal variation in reflection characteristics and can be applied in conjunction with various materials such as films or glass via a low-temperature process.

03/Comparison of Smoke-AR Film and Clear AR Film

AGC's Smoke-AR Film stands out in contrast to Clear AR by embodying a remarkable combination of low reflection, low glare, and deep blackness. Further enhancing its capabilities, when paired with a high Haze AG film, Smoke-AR Film exhibits even lower glare and achieves an impressively deeply blackness.

Comparison of Clear AR Film (Clear OCA) and Smoke-AR Film

In this figure, the display on the left has a Clear AR Film (Clear OCA) coating, while the one on the right is equipped with AGC's Smoke-AR Film. The visual comparison illustrates how Smoke-AR Film's dry coating leads to significantly reduced reflection and a more vivid, deeper black on the display compared to using Clear AR (Clear OCA).

Comparison of Clear AR Film (Smoke OCA) and Smoke-AR Film

In the figure above, the left side displays Clear AR (Smoke OCA), while the right side features AGC's Smoke-AR Film. This comparison highlights that the use of Smoke-AR Film's dry coating results in a richer, more intense black display compared to the one with Clear AR's (Smoke OCA)

AGC aims to create clearer displays by using through Smoke-AR Film. The film is designed to reduce reflection more than the traditional Clear Anti-Reflection (AR) film while being designed to provide clearer display.
Smoke-AR Film suppresses internal reflected light from the display while suppressing scattered reflected light.

04/4 Advantages of AGC's Smoke-AR Film

1. High contrast ratio in bright place

AGC's Smoke-AR Film can provide low reflection properties of display screens in bright locations. It can help increase the contrast ratio in bright places, making it easier to view and read screen content. Thanks to its adjustable transmittance, you can easily customize the film to provide just the right level of brightness for your needs. Plus, with reduced surface and internal reflection of displays, this film is an excellent choice for optimizing the viewing experience on their screen.

2. Uniform reflection

Sometimes, reflections of display surface can be a real pain and interfere with your productivity. That's why AGC's Smoke Wide-band AR coating film is a real game-changer. The film's uniform reflection provides a seamless effect with the black frame on the display. Not only will you be able to see things more clearly, but you'll also notice a dramatic reduction in glare.

3. Versatile Application

AGC's Smoke-AR Film employs an advanced dry coating process that facilitates low-temperature deposition, making it versatile enough to be used as a coating on a wide range of substrates, including film and glass.

4. Deeply black display & Reduced Glare

High Anti-glare and Deeply black display is realized by AGC's AR Technology.

Clear Hard Coating + Clear AR

AG Coating + Clear AR

AG Coating + Smoke-AR

AGC's Smoke-AR Film, with its multi-layer structure technology, not only enhances visual clarity but also achieves deep blackness and reduced glare by synergizing with high-Haze base materials. This breakthrough in anti-reflection films takes display quality to new heights, making it the ultimate choice for elevating the visual experience of any device.

06/Applications of Smoke-AR Film

Automotive Display Cover Glass

AGC's Smoke-AR Film is a game-changer for automotive display cover glass. Not only does it improve visibility and reduce glare, but it also enhances contrast and color saturation. Whether you're driving on a sunny day or through a tunnel, AGC's Smoke-AR Film ensures that your display screen is clear and easy to see.

Public Information Display

AGC's Smoke-AR Film is exceptionally well-suited for signage in self-luminous Micro (Mini) LED Displays, which are anticipated to gain popularity. By eliminating distracting glare and reflections, it enhances visibility, ensuring contents is clearly seen and understood.

Medical Insruments Display

AGC's Smoke-AR Film is superior multi-layer technology and precise thickness control. It can effectively minimize glare and reflection in medical instrument displays. Smoke-AR Film can ensure that medical providers are able to get a clear view and achieve greater accuracy in their work.

Other Professional Monitors

AGC's Smoke-AR Film in particular can prove to be a game changer for professional monitors, providing crystal clear clarity and ease of use.

07/About Anti-Reflection Dry Coating

What is the Anti-Reflection Dry Coating Process?

Anti-reflection films are commonly used for various applications to reduce reflections and improve the overall quality of the product. Dry coating process is a popular method for manufacturing such films, which does not involve the use of any liquid. Instead, a raw material is vaporized and condensed onto the substrate to form a thin film. This process offers great precision and control over the thickness and uniformity of the film, resulting in a satisfactory anti-reflection coating.

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